TiPACCs at the Bergen Climate Festival 2022

  • Post published:March 5, 2022
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Shout out to those in Norway!

This week Bergen is home to a whole climate festival — Varmere Våtere Villere — launched by UiB, NHH, Høgskulen på Vestlandet, the Norwegian Climate Foundation, Bjerknes Center for Climate Research, Bergen Næringsråd and Skift.

In the course of three days, everyone is invited to the Kulturhuset in Bergen to join in in over 50 conversations, lectures and debates on as many topics, such as:

  • Will the world be able to tackle climate change and climate policy in a peaceful and democratic way? What could be the consequences for energy change and climate policy of Russia’s attack on Ukraine?
  • Everything you might wonder about the climate crisis
  • If hydrogen is the answer, what is the question?
  • Is it time for nuclear power in Norway?
  • Carbon tax for distribution – the tax everyone will love?
  • Does improved energy security in Europe require more onshore wind power?
  • What is Big Oil’s responsibility for the climate crisis?
  • State capital: Blind to change and deaf to climate change?
  • Live podcast: Climate crisis and war in Ukraine : How does Norway round off the oil age in style?
  • BT invites: “Honestly, where are they actually going to cut?”
  • Founder’s Tale
  • China’s role in the green shift – what  dilemmas do  we encounter?
  • Technology grand prix
  • Electrify or shut down the shelf?
  • “Ok boomer” and other things you can say to your uncle about climate
  • The injustice to future generations – a conversation between the philosopher, the lawyer and the economist
  • Thomas Seltzer and the American Dream
  • Norwegians at the top of the world in waste! Why do we not talk about it more?

Location — Kulturhuset in Bergen, Vaskerelven 8

Date — 9. – March 11  – morning, noon, evening! 

TiPACCs‘ very own Petra Langebroek will be on stage on Thursday 10 March, 19-19:45 with På vippen!

You can find the full program here: https://www.varmerevaterevillere.no/
and buy discounted tickets at https://www.varmerevaterevillere.no/medlem

We hope to see you!