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TiPACCs members, (top row:) Ronja Reese, Ralph Timmermann, Nicolas Jourdain, Svein Østerhus, Adrian Jenkins (bottom row:) Hilmar Gudmundsson, Hartmut Hellmer, Petra Langebroek, Jan De Rydt and Christopher Bull attended the 2019 FRISP meeting in Oxford.

TiPACCs members at FRISP 2019

  • Post published:September 19, 2019

The Forum for Research into Ice Shelf Processess (FRISP) has been an important meeting place for European Antarctic scientist since 1984. At present FRISP is one of the main forums to present results for ocean and ice research in Antarctica and Greenland. This year the 33rd FRISP meeting was held at Queens College in Oxford. The old building and the college environment was a great venue for scientific discussion and mingling. About 100 scientist attended including many TiPACCs members.