TiPACCs organizes NEMO workshop

  • Post published:September 27, 2022
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TiPACCs researchers Christopher Bull, Pierre Mathiot, Adrian Jenkins, and Paul Holland recently organized a NEMO workshop for ocean ice shelf enthusiasts, which took place at Northumbria University on Friday 23 September 2022 immediately following the FRISP 2022 conference.

Since the capability to simulate the ocean in ice shelf cavities has been implemented in NEMO Mathiot et al. (2017), we have seen an explosion of fantastic work understanding the importance of ice shelves in both local and global climate. Inspired by a Grenoble workshop in 2018, the organizing committee aimed to bring together the ocean ice community to share experiences and explore future opportunities.

The aims of this workshop were to:

·       Inform on who is using NEMO’s ice shelf module and for what applications.

·       Share experience in the development of global or regional NEMO configurations.

·       Share experience in coupling NEMO to ice sheet models (BISICLES, Elmer/Ice etc).

·       Discuss future developments needed in NEMO regarding ice shelves.

Results from TiPACCs were presented and used as examples during the workshop.